Michael Mauldin

Distinctive Tonal Music Inspired by Magical Places
Michael Mauldin

My music is tonal and accessible, yet distinctive and memorable. It often portrays the power and magic of the rugged beauty and ancient cultures of my adopted state of New Mexico.

I've composed over 90 works, for students and professionals, from chamber music, orchestral and choral music, to pieces for harp, organ, guitar and piano.

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The Brave Green

Artikel 23.12.2018

My walk in the foothills this morning was blessed with glowing, back-lit wildflower colors—yellow, gold, blue, purple, white, red, and even maroon, if you include the prickly pears. But in this challenging environment, my favorite color—in all ...

Walk To the Kiva

Artikel 30.08.2018

On my walk to the kiva this morning, the damp-but-not-slippery ground felt firm, yet springy. Waiting brownly through the drought, the sudden-green grass reached into sideways-sunlight. A pine-tree dew-drop flashed its spectrum-coded messages. ...

Beyond the Four Hills, Aesthetics Panel

Artikel 26.03.2018

Beyond the Four Hills, Aesthetics Panel, by Michael Mauldin Foreword: Though musical gestures suggestive of shared physical phenomena populate all music, I won't discuss my use of them here. Rather, I share the narrative of how I became involved in ...