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Senior Pieces, Book 6

Artikel 06.05.2019 00:59

This may be my last installment of Senior Pieces (I compose a piece for each graduating high-school senior). But the little kids seem to grow up fast, so there will be more seniors before long. Most have been pianists, but this set includes three works for piano students who were also accomplished at other instruments, and voice, and who asked that their graduation pieces include those.

The “senior pieces” all bear the names of those for whom they were written. Some are quite difficult and were not chosen by the students to be included on their senior recitals.

Andante for Horn and Piano (Brennan Rose) (4:48)

Remembrance for String Bass and Piano (Ivan Aidun) (2:37) 

Silence (Soprano and Piano) (Ariacella DelGrande) (1:52) 

Festival (Jared Civerolo) (2:05)

Running (Ryan Harlow) (1:52)

Mysterious River (Makenna Clovis) (3:25)

Recordings of "Senior Pieces, Book 6" can be heard & downloaded at https://soundcloud.com/michael-mauldin/sets/senior-pieces-book-6


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