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Amazon Review of "Enchanted Land" CD

Artigo 08.12.2013 15:16

Classical-music blogger Pranakasha posted a glowing review of my orchestral CD "Enchanted Land" on Amazon

Michael Mauldin is both the composer and conductor of these wonderful orchestral works performed by the New Mexico Symphony. "Enchanted Land" is an Orchestral Suite on tracks 6-10 with narration by Kathleen Church that demonstrates Mr. Mauldin's great love for Nature, Native American culture and spirituality, and the southwestern United States in general. Both the narrative and the orchestral tapestry powerfully evoke the spirits of the Earth, Sky, Ancestors, et al.

These performances by the New Mexico Symphony are first rate and demonstrate Mr. Mauldin's great skill as a composer, orchestrator, and conductor. He writes flowing melodies for the oboe and other woodwinds, powerful fanfares for the brass, captivating lines for the strings, interesting percussion parts, and executes them all masterfully from the podium. Bravo!



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