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Senior Pieces: Written for My Students at Their High School Graduation (Book 4)

ID: SM-000191202
Alternative title Fable, Caravan, Morning Sun, Mountain Run, Starlight, Legend, Peace, Jean's Angels, Rhapsody
ComposerMichael Mauldin
PublisherMichael Mauldin
Year of composition 2013
Genre Classical / Piece
Instrumentation Piano
Scored forSolo
Type of scoreFor a single performer
Duration 19'55"
Movement(s) 1 to 9 from 9
Difficulty Advanced
Description A beloved student for several years and the son of a piano-teacher friend of mine, went to Russia with his senior class, falling in love with everything Russian. He came home begging to play Rachmaninoff, but as was not quite advanced enough to learn any Rachmaninoff in the remaining three weeks of the semester, I offered to write him a somewhat more 'grateful' imitation, in 'Souvenir of a Russian Journey'. Thus began my custom of writing pieces for graduating high-school seniors. The 'senior pieces' all bear the names of those for whom they were written. Some are quite difficult and were not chosen by the students to be included on their senior recitals.

The nine pieces in Book 4 were written at Annacarla between 2011 and 2013. One of them, "Jean's Angels," was written not for a graduating high school senior, but in honor of a different kind of senior. Jean Villasenor, my neighbor at Annacarla, celebrated her 90th birthday there, so I wrote and performed this piece in her honor. I think she has at least two angels who watch over her at all times.

More sound: https://soundcloud.com/michael-mauldin/sets/senior-pieces-book-4
Upload date 18.09.2013


Sheet music file including a license for an unlimited number of performances, limited to one year.
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